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From Captain Jim Rosenberg (July, 2016)

To Whom It May Concern:

During 2014-2015, I was the Project Manager of the 45 meter yacht, "Carson", which was a new construction project. During the last nine months of the project, 3D YachtManuals was contracted to produce a comprehensive set of operational drawings and procedures in the form of a usable, bound manual. Additionally, 3D YachtManuals executed a thorough, ship-wide implementation of pipe markings and system labeling.

The Carson Project was ultra-fast paced with a cadre of workers and technicians onboard to complete critical tasks across all trades. 3D YachtManuals, specifically Leo Lindstrand, provided one of the most important and successful components of the project by creating the necessary documentation of the vessel's systems. Leo's commitment to the project, coupled with his superlative knowledge of yachts, provided immeasurable value to the finished vessel. Furthermore, Leo's ability to work amongst the various members of our team and contractors was remarkable.

The amount of effort required to create a reliable manual for Carson lead Leo to become more knowledgeable about the vessel's details and intricacies than any other member of our team. This, in a sense, made Leo our detective in discovering any shortcomings or deficiencies that could affect the operation of the boat. These discoveries allowed us the opportunity to make course corrections and avoid costly oversights.

With the vessel having been in service for several months now, we have come to rely upon not just the operational manual Leo created, but his trove of well organized files and mosaic photos. Having this valuable documentation saves us time and dollars whenever we need to troubleshoot repairs, complete routine maintenance, and train new crewmembers.

I cannot overstate the value of having a useful operation manual. To that end, Leo's skills in this area are second to none. I have great appreciation for his judgment, critical eye for details, patience, and kind sense of humor during the most challenging moments of the project.

Jim Rosenberg
Project Manager, M/Y Carson


Carson profileAlso from Jim (Feb., 2016)

Hi Leo,

By the way, the boss was looking through your manual yesterday and he was thoroughly impressed. His words were, “you got your money’s worth with this one, Cap.” He also commented he wishes the builder of his new Merritt sport fish boat would do a manual like yours. Like myself, he’s very happy with the work you produced. Thank you.



Carson profileMurray & Associates Naval Architect
(Oct., 2015)

If you are responsible for the ownership, operation, or maintenance of a yacht, I can strongly recommend the services of Leo Lindstrand and 3D Yacht Manuals. Over the last decade I've had the distinct pleasure of working with him on several of our yacht projects, both refits and new-builds. In my opinion, the quality of his manuals is unrivaled. They capture all of the relative technical and operational information, and portray it in a clear and concise manner. Each chapter is packed with customized diagrams and photos of the actual systems, making for easy visual recognition onboard. Our clients and their crews have found these manuals to be an invaluable resource that they use frequently. However, beyond the physical manuals that he produces, Leo's involvement in a project brings a wealth of other benefits. His manuals are wonderful, but it’s his personal interaction within the project that I find so beneficial. As he's learning and documenting all of the systems and equipment onboard, he's essentially providing another set of experienced eyes to the project as a whole. He brings with him years of experience and practical knowledge about marine vessels and their systems. He has been an invaluable asset in all of our projects together, and I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Aaron Beiswenger (Bud)
Senior Naval Architect
Murray & Associates, LLC


ExumaCaptain Adolfo Oria, M/Y EXUMA (Oct., 2016)

To Whom it may concern:

I Adolfo Oria Alvarez, master, hereby certify that Mr. Leo Lindstrand was hired by Exuma's Owner from 2009 to 2010 to draft an entirely customized 3D Manual concerning all of the vessel's systems "as built".

Leo spent hundreds of hours crawling in bilges and technical spaces, but also collecting drawings, user manuals and data of all kinds to produce the most amazing manual I have ever seen.

The manual is not only a beautiful document on it's own, but it is used by the crew over and over more than 5 years after its creation, and in our opinion, the manual has paid for itself tenfold.

Following Exuma's 5 year world circumnavigation, Leo will be returning on board shortly to update/upgrade the 3D Manual.

Trusting to serve you well, I remain,
Adolfo Oria - Alvarez


P135M/Y H., a 138 ft. Dutch Motor Yacht (Jan., 2006)

To anyone interested in Leo's Yacht Manuals:

By way of introduction, my name is John Burry and I used Leo's manual when I took over as engineer on M/Y H. The boat was in the Med and the engineer left suddenly before I arrived. Although the Captain had a good working knowledge of the systems, it was Leo's Yacht Manual I had to rely on to find out how things worked. It's hard to overstate how helpful his manual was in keeping the systems up and working.

H.'s Yacht Manual has all the things that would take you years to find out right there at your finger tips. All the hidden plumbing, wire runs, junction boxes, ducting, just everything you need to know right there in a easy to understand format. I don't know how you put a value on something like this, I just know it was the singularly most important manual I had on the boat, period.

Later, Leo was in the engine room with things like a placard showing how to operate the fire pump that was so easy to understand any crew member could use it to operate the pump in an emergency. He updated his information and helped me formalize start up and shut down procedures for the major systems. His knowledge base is just amazing, everything Leo did for the boat was quality.

I have handed off to another engineer and H.'s Yacht Manual helped make that seamless. The Captain had the security of knowing whoever the current engineer is they will have access to all the details of the boat right there in front of him. Nothing gets forgotten or overlooked, it's all there in the Yacht Manual.

Captain John Burry


Blue GuitarM/Y Blue Guitar, 105 ft. Camper & Nicholsons (Oct., 2000)

To Whom it May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference on behalf of Leo Lindstrand. I first met Leo in January 1997. He was serving as interim Captain aboard Blue Guitar and I was being brought aboard as the new permanent Captain. Leo had previously served as the Captain of Blue Guitar in years past, and had been asked by the owners to come in after another Captain had been terminated to rescue and bring under control a yard project that had gotten out of control. He handled this task in an admirable fashion in addition to insuring that I was brought up to speed as quickly as possible.

The owners and I have since asked Leo back several times to work as a project specialist for us over the last four years. Leo has a tremendous grasp of all phases of the engineering requirements for a yacht such as Blue Guitar. In addition, he is a tremendously hard worker, well organized, and extremely even tempered. One of the things I have always admired and respected about Leo is that he has always handled our working together so well. There is ample opportunity for a clash of egos when a former Captain works with a new Captain, and that has just never happened.

In addition to working as a project specialist for us, Leo also was responsible for creating a very extensive operations manual for use aboard Blue Guitar. It will without question make transitions from Captain to Captain or Engineer to Engineer much easier. In addition to compiling the information and writing the text, Leo used his extensive computer skills to illustrate the manual. Needless to say, the owners were extremely pleased with the result.

There is no question that Leo has made many contributions to Blue Guitar over the years, and has certainly made my job easier over the last four years. I am also very aware of how happy the owners have been with Leo’s work. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call.


Capt. Jeffrey A. H.
M/Y Blue Guitar

Quoted from: "Manual Labor" by Jay Cole, Yachting Magazine, September 2001

(Note: This article is about the value of manuals)

"...a yacht owner's manual recently impressed me so much that I felt compelled to devote this column to such works in general. This manual was product specific, and vessel information and systems were detailed with text, color photos and illustrations...
...An owner's manual should not only provide the particulars of a vessel's operation and systems, it should serve as a reference tool long after the warranty expires...
...Several years ago I was faced with rewiring the portion of the emergency shutdown system triggered by fire. The system included both factory wiring and the wiring of components supplied by a vendor. The task would have taken hours longer and cost hundreds more dollars had the manual not included a detailed explanation of the system and accurate electrical schematics...
...Before you invest in a boat, investigate what information the builder will provide when you take delivery. Be sure the owner's manual clearly details vessel operation and defines important systems: fuel, electrical, and bilge, for example. Note whether there is a docking plan that explains proper hauling and blocking procedures. Check for specifications or part numbers for specialized hardware such as shafts, propellers and rudders...
...A well conceived owner's manual can save big bucks and, sometimes, an owner's sanity."


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