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Custom-made operation manuals, safety placards, and maintenance logbooks for yachts and other vessels.




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The Manual

Operation Manual: A custom-made, illustrated manual for use by crew and owners, listing all vessel particulars and describing the operation of all systems, with step-by-step instructions where needed. The equivalent of having the last captain and engineer show you around the boat for a week.

Technical Manual: In addition to the Operation Manual above, this more complete manual also includes detailed system descriptions which help the crew and outside professionals trouble shoot, repair and maintain equipment. In particular, "as built" 3D layout drawings show the exact location of plumbing and components, even in hidden areas.

Supplied in an easy to update multi-ring binder and an interactive PDF file that can be integrated with ship management software. Separate, 3-dimensional CAD files can be viewed, rotated, and zoomed.

The binder finish can be ultrasuede, embroidered, aluminum, leather, or translucent.

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Diagrams, 3D illustrations, photos, and text clearly show how systems work. The PDF version with bookmarks and links to external documents allows for quick access to information. (Sample illustrations)

3D seastrainer illustration:Sea strainer

The yacht manual typically covers the following areas:

On a large yacht with high crew turnover, new engineers can quickly learn all the systems and are less likely to fall behind with normal maintenance. Also, other crew are able to take over more easily if necessary.

Yacht manuals can be tailored to the professional engineer or owner/captain. It will be most inclusive if started during construction or refit while everything is exposed, with the added benefit of quality control.


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