A true example of the possible consequences
of poor maintenance logging:

On a 4 day trip from the Virgin Islands to Florida, a 100ft motor yacht had a catastrophic main engine failure.

During the 4-5 months (and $100,000) that it took to rebuild the 8 cylinder Gardner, it was determined that :

Almost all fuel injectors were found to be faulty and overdue for servicing. There had been some crew changes, and each engineer had used a different maintenance logbook with a different method. One recent logbook was even written in another language. There was no practical way of finding out when the last fuel injector service had been done.


Diary style daily logbooks are almost impossible to search through. Generic logbooks with preformatted entries usually provide columns for items you don't use and leave out some that you need.

A 3dYM custom-made planned maintenance logbook is unique in its layout aimed at resolving most of these issues, provided the owner or captain request that their crew be meticulous and consistent in record keeping.


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